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Reservations are required
*For same day bookings, please contact us at and based on the current day's schedule, we will work to accommodate your group.

Titanic Room (now open)

Travel back in time with our classic group escape room experience. Will you be able to solve the mystery of John and Anna and escape before it is too late? Don't go down with the ship!

  • Up To 8 persons

  • Ages 12 and up (recommended)

  • Difficulty:

  • 1 hour experience

  • Requires Reservation

Lily’s birthday surprise (Now open)

Perfect for families and those looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday. Solve the puzzles & help celebrate Lily’s special day!

  • Up To 6 persons

  • Ages 7-12 (recommended)

  • Difficulty: Please note, this is a room designed for children that are too young to experience a typical escape room!

  • Adult Supervision Required (Up to TWO (2) adults allowed in room free of charge for supervision. Lily’s Birthday Surprise Room ONLY)

  • 1 hour experience

  • Requires Reservation

murder hotel (open for booking!)

Looking for a fun and exciting way to test your brains and your guts? Check in to our newest room - The Murder Hotel! Step inside H.H. Holmes’ hotel where there has been a murder and help the police solve the case!

  • Up To 5 persons

  • Ages 13 and up (recommended) Much like a PG-13 rated movie, this room has images of blood and gore that some may find inappropriate for a younger crowd. Player & Parental Discretion is advised.

  • Difficulty: Please note, this is a HORROR THEMED ROOM AND IT IS MEANT TO BE FUN AS WELL AS SCARY! Jump scares are probable!

  • 1 hour experience

  • Requires Reservation