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Reservations are required
*For same day bookings, please contact us at Info@WeEscapeHomerGlen.com and based on the current day's schedule, we will work to accommodate your group.


Now Open! Reserve your adventure!

Explore the stateroom of John and Anna solving PUZZLES to solve the mystery before you go down with the ship!


  • Up To 8 persons

  • Ages 12 and up (recommended)

  • $28.00 Per Person

  • Reservations required



Now Open!

*For Children who want to have fun but may be too young for a typical escape room experience!

  • Up to 6 persons

  • Ages 7-12 (recommended)

  • PLEASE NOTE, this is designed for children. If you are looking for something more difficult, please look into our other experiences!

  • Adult supervision is required! (Up to TWO (2) adults allowed in room free of charge for supervision. Lily’s Birthday Surprise Room ONLY)


Grab your family to celebrate! Help set up the surprise birthday party for LILY! You have 1 hour to solve puzzles, have fun, and celebrate a special day!

Puzzle Master Suite

***Coming Soon!

Date night with your significant other or double date with another couple. You have 1 hour to become the newest Puzzle Masters!

  • Up To 4 persons

  • Ages 14 and up (recommended)