Our Mission

We Escape is an Escape Room experience in Homer Glen bringing mystery, fun, and adventure to the West side of Bell Road!

At We Escape, players (We Escapees) will use their individual and unique knowledge while working together with a team to solve puzzles, figure out riddles, and put clues together to escape our themed rooms and come out as victors! 

We Escape is perfect for families, friends, co-workers and everyone else! Come join us for a fun night out, date nights, birthday parties, any type of celebration, and corporate team building!

Come play and join your fellow We Escapees at We Escape!

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.
— Neil Armstrong
We Escape experiences brought the Night’s Watch closer together as a team. Now we can properly defend the Seven Kingdoms from the evils beyond the Wall!
— Jon Snow, Castle Black